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AFTER Holidays shipping will begin again on 1/6/18! Happy New Year everyone!!

I am almost ready to introduce a new line of products for sale.. I am working on planters and rooting ledges ( ledges for Bucephalandra, Anubias and java fern) to attach them to growth points along the back wall of the aquarium. This will attach reliably and long term as I will NOT be using those little suction cups to attach them and it will be possible to move them around EASILY if you are not quite happy with the placement.. Also working on driftwood pieces that can be mounted exactly the same way to the back and side glass for added Aquascaping possibilities. I am looking forward to being able to introduce the new line soon!! I am aiming to introduce them ABOUT the 18th of November!! Fingers crossed.

Crossed fingers did not help!! LOL still not quite ready but I should have them up Very soon. I am doing a few things to make sure they are absolutely ready to go. I am also working on a Newsletter to introduce the Bama Plant Levitaters to all Subscribers. So watch your mail for the introduction coming SOON!!

The new ceramics we are offering by the artist Known as "Wash" seem very popular. There is a special category under "Hardscape and Breeding Stuff" called "Ceramics by Wash" that holds some unique items. We have even begun offering some of those as preplanted with hairgrass or Glossostigma elantoides V mini. Check it out. new items will be added pretty regularly as they become available or grow out sufficiently.

Our fertilizer creation, Crimson Tabs, which are disks of Micro and Macro nutrients for root feeders have really become popular. We are working hard to keep them in stock in sufficient supply.

MINERALIZED Topsoil is available AGAIN!!!on the "Substrates" Page. BUT I am limited right now. What I have listed is all that is available RIGHT NOW! I had to do some repairs to my troughs for making this MTS. SO the next batch is almost a month away. Sorry. We are having trouble keeping it up and available on the website.. It is just TOO POPULAR!! Our prices beat most everyone's and the actual product is far more nutrient rich and lasts Much longer with no micro-nutrient dosing than Aquasoil or Eco-complete

We are making a presence on Aquabid. If you are looking at our site listings, you may also want to check out our Aquabid listings by clicking HERE.

We often have listings with only a couple specimens available and at reduced prices on that site. Also Their Saturday Night Event ( which happens 7-10pm Eastern on every THIRD Saturday of every month) is when we do Rock Bottom Pricing / Fire Sale Pricing on a ton of items which run for an hour long each auction. In other words, we sell Cheap for a couple hours so it may well be worth a look.. And thank you

One last note-- We are Called BamaPlants. Not AuburnPlants, but BAMAPlants. There is a reason for this! Roll Tide!! and friends don't let friends wear Orange!!! LOL

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